Cycling & COVID-19 At UF

Riding Safe During A Pandemic

Across the country, and here in Gainesville, bike shops are running out of bikes and have repair queues sometimes weeks long. We are excited to see more people choosing cycling as a safe physical activity during the COVID-19 pandemic event. We encourage all riders to take steps to ensure that they, and those around them, remain safe while cycling out in public, either in the city, on campus, or out on our local trails and bikeways. The following article from the League of American Bicyclists provides excellent information and advice for those looking to ride safely:

Be A Bike Ambassador During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Quick Tips For Safer Riding

-Wear a mask if your ride takes you near places others are likely to be

-Keep a distance of at least 35 feet between you and other cyclists going in the same direction

-Ride alone or with a member of your household to prevent spread of infection

-Avoid crowded trails and sidewalks

-Wear a helmet

-Perform the ABC Quick Check before every ride to avoid mechanical issues