Cycling Savvy Basics & Mastery Online

Through a partnership with the American Bicycle Education Association, we are pleased to offer Cycling Savvy Basics & Mastery Online to all University of Florida Students, Faculty and Staff! Until 2018, Cycling Savvy’s nationally recognized cycling safety curriculum was only available as an in-person weekend course. Cycling Savvy Basics Online presents the core of Cycling Savvy’s safe riding strategies in a convenient online video format to bring safer cycling to a wider audience.

Cycling Savvy Basics & Mastery present information and strategies to make cycling safer and less stressful for riders of all skill levels. Course participants will learn about:

  • The Rules of Movement for All Road Users
  • How Our Laws Apply to Cyclists
  • How to Determine the Safest Places to Ride
  • Common Crash Types & How to Avoid Them
  • How to Identify & Navigate High Risk Situations

Those who complete the basics course can move on to the Mastery course for more in-depth strategies and information on safer cycling.

The UF Bikes and the ABEA believe that safe cycling is possible nearly anywhere and encourage cycling as a sustainable, healthy and fun transportation option. It is our hope that Cycling Savvy Basics Online will give UF’s current and future cyclists the confidence to ride more and ride stress free.

Cycling Savvy Online - Basics

Cycling Savvy Online Basics gives riders an overview of how bicyclists fit in to our traffic system and how they can operate safely no matter where they choose to ride.

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Cycling Savvy Online - Mastery

Cycling Savvy Online Mastery presents riders of all skill levels with advanced tools and tactics for navigating traffic safely and taking advantage of our street and traffic systems for stress free cycling.

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